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In mid-January Gus Van Sant began shooting his biopic about America's first openly gay elected official, Harvey Milk, a San Francisco supervisor who was assassinated in 1978 along with Mayor George Moscone by recently resigned San Francisco Supervisor Dan White. Sean Penn is playing Milk, and Josh Brolin plays White in the Focus Features/Groundswell production

Milk operated a camera store on Castro Street and was known as the Mayor of Castro Street, a roughly two-block shopping district in the San Francisco neighborhood of the same name. The production has taken over the area, turning back the clock to represent the years of the 1970s, when the Castro shifted from being a hippie hangout to a gay mecca. The production has meticulously re-created signs from the area, and even the garbage cans are from the time period.

The production hunkered down in San Francisco's Gay and Lesbian Archives and talked to plenty of people from Milk's world. They even hired a former employee from Milk's camera store, Daniel Nicoletta, as a consultant; he not only worked with Milk but also took "tons" of photographs of the activist and the neighborhood.


Szene von den Dreharbeiten in der Castro Street - mit Sean Penn auf einem Werbeplakat als Harvey Milk

In the coming weeks, the shoot will move to City Hall, where current Mayor Gavin Newsom invited the production to shoot in the exact location where Moscone (played by Victor Garber) was shot. White's office, where Milk was shot, will be re-created in another locale because the original offices have changed over time. The new location still will have a view of the San Francisco Opera House, replicating the view that Milk, an opera fan, enjoyed before he died.

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