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Sean Penn's ads and articles

Washington-Post-Anzeige als html

Sean Penn's ad in the Woshington Post, October 2002

Original-Washington-Post Anzeige (GIF)

The original Woshington Post ad

Text der Pressekonferenz Bagdad

Wording of the press conference, Bagdad, December 15, 2002

Kilroy's still here (PDF) Ad in the New York Times, May 2003
San Francisco Chronicle - Artikel I Sean Penn's article of his second visit to Iraq, published January 14, 2004
San Francisco Chronicle - Artikel II Sean Penn's article of his second visit to Iraq, published January 15, 2004
Open Letter - Team America Sean Penn's open letter to 'Team America'
An open letter to the president - 4 and a half years later Sean Penn's second open letter to president Bush in 2007

Interesting Links about the situation in Iraq


Norman Solomon Website


The media critic Norman Solomon is founder and director of the "Institute for Public Accuracy" in Washington. He publishes regularly in the large American newspapers, such as New York Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times and already wrote several medium-critical books. In addition Norman Solomon is member of the organisation FAIR
(Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting). 

The IPA is a group of political scientists, observing the the medium landscape of the USA critically and ensure, that topics, intentionally pshed into the background, are publicly discussed. The Institut offers political clarification of facts and analyzes speeches and resolutions for the policy of the USA.


Informations and background on Iraq in a book from Norman Solomon und Reese Erlich, the two men, Sean Penn went to Iran with in June 2005.
Coldtype offers a free PDF download (691kb)



Coldtype offers many interesting articles and books about the Near East as free Download. 



More interesting Links


Not in our name Website  with lots of interesting informations.

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