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SOS, I need your help. I am injured, near death and too week to hike out of here. I am all alone, this is no joke. In the name of god, please remain to save me. I am out collecting berries close by and shall return this evening. 

Thank you, Chris McCandless (August?) 

With these disturbing lines Jon Krakauer begins his novel ' Into the Wild ', a story of the short life of Chris McCandless, alias Alexander Supertramp.

The novel starts with the fact that McCandless message was actually meant seriously, because in a old bus in the wild of Alaska the corpse of the young man was found ...

Jon Krakauer now asks the question, who this apparently crazy man was, who went into the wild of Alaska, without equipment and only with a bag of rice for food - to reach an ideal, which is beyond our understanding? Or, maybe to die?

Chris McCandless grows up in an apparently intact, well off family in the proximity of Washington. His father, a scientist of high repute at NASA, is married in second marriage with Billie and they have a daughter as well, Carine, to which Chris has a very cordial relationship. Chris, we then learn fast, is without any doubt a genius.


In school he only has best notes and already as a child and in his youth he is able to raise money easily, although he has no interest in principle in money at all, in addition he plays the piano and he is very popular with his friends. But there is also the other side of Chris McCandless. Already during his schooltime he pulls away alone in holidays for weeks, without letting his parents know, were he is, and not wasting much thoughts about how much they worry. In 1990 he leaves, after he successfully terminated studies, his family without a word, without ever talking to them again or even seeing them again. From this day on he calls himself Alexander Supertramp.

He traveled from Atlanta to the Southwest, Northwest, West, and Midwest, to Mexico and to the Gulf of California. Finally, crossing Canada, he walked into the wild of Alaska. And he makes friends - Wayne Westerberg, Jan Burres and her boyfriend Bob are the last ones to get a message (a postcard) from Chris.

So Jon Krakauers book, written after his own article in the Outside-Magazine (Jon Krakauers article 'Death of an Innocent' lesen - PDF) and (The Authors Introduction - PDF) is not realy an adventure novel but instead tries to find out from a rather journalistic-psychological view whether Chris McCandless was a naive crazy person or was floated by ideals, which lay simply outside of our imagination. Jon Krakauer was in his youth a passionate mountain climber himself, which brings additionally a very personal note into the novel.

An extraordinarily well written, very moving novel after a true occurence.


Chris McCandless in front of 'his' bus


The Film

Director Sean Penn
Book Jon Krakauer
Screenplay Sean Penn
Producer Art Linson und William Pohlad



The Cast


Emile Hirsch Christopher McCandless
Catherine Keener Jan Burres
Vince Vaughn Wayne Westerberg
Marcia Gay Harden Billie McCandles
William Hurt Walt McCandless
Kristen Stewart Tracy
Thure Lindhardt  Thomas 

Actor Emile Hirsch


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