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Sean Penn has a vision about his life and about the work he does and he doesn't let many things stand in the way of that. 
(David Morse)


'Courageous, courageous, courageous'.
That's what'll be on his gravestone. Why three times?
Because he's more than courageous, in my eyes.
He's a man on fire. Like a flame. And I'm one of the moths ...

(Garry Shandling - writer, actor and comedian)

I mean, if you trace the evolution of Sean's acting career
just in hairdos alone, you'll see, that he's pretty brave and out there.
I don't really know anybody else apart from Cher
who's done so much to their hair as Sean has.
(Susan Sarandon)


The best actor of his generation. Period. No contest.
There is nobody as good.
(Art Linson - producer and author)





There is one quality that defines him, which is integrity.
Integrity, because there is congruence in what he thinks
and what he does and what he expresses.
You can like it or not, but that's very difficult to find
nowadays in this industry. And in this world.
(Alejandro González Inárritu - Director)



He's become a leader, like the ambassadors of 
Hollywood, like Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brando.He's a leader of being free and independent and that's what I love about him.I love that he can go for the big guy.
(Benicio del Toro)


I do think sooner or later there's a demand that your movies make money, 
and so probably he'll have to figure that one out.
But then I think maybe he won't - maybe he'll find a way around it, 
because I don't see Sean cowing to the system.
(Angelica Houston)


Sean has done a lot of movies for little or no money, certainly for someone in this sphere. And he's turned down colossal amounts.
Do you know how many buddy-movies this guy's been offered?
It's one thing to say: 'I'm gonna turn down 10 million $'and another thing to do it.
(Joseph Vitarelli - composer and friend) 


Sean's fierce integrity is truly, truly a rare quality in Hollywood.
Everybody talks about it, blah-blah-blah, but with Sean,it's in his DNA. And he maintains ist, fiercely.
(Art Linson)

I always say: 'Really good actors, if the time comes, they could play their own grandmother', and Sean's one of those. But I hope he does keep directing and keeps his emphasis there. It's hard, it's a tough row he's hoeing. But I really think he's too dedicated a man to do anything but.
(Jack Nicholson)

I remember the first time I met Sean, clear as a day (...) 
It was a dinner, a woman introduced me to him and said I was terrific in this miniseries 
and he had to see it, blah-blah-blah.
I said: 'Listen, I can't take a compliment in front of this guy, I really can't.'
Sean turned to me and said: 'You know, compliments are like shit. They're better when they come out.'
(Benicio del Toro)


So things may be changing on the outside, people may be perceiving, 'Oh, now he's more commercial', or whatever - in fact it's not true. It's just that people are finally figuring out that he's one of the great actors of all time.
(Kevin Spacey)

He just struck me as very intelligent and committed.
He's put his money and reputation where his mouth is - a fucken brave guy. 
He said a wonderful thing to me, I'll have to paraphrase: 
'These people think, I'm gonna back down because of all the flak they've given me. They have no idea ...' 
(Cole Miller, Writer & Web-Designer)


I happen to think that Sean Penn is the most talented actor of my generation -- we're around the same age -- so it was a little intimidating working with Sean for the first time.

(taken from: eDrive's George Clooney Q & A 1998)


I remember driving Sean somewhere in my car and saying to him: 'I'm really sorry you had to go to jail.'
And he said - one of my favourite Penn-isms, as I call them, - 
'A lot worse things have happend to a lot better people ...'
(Erin Dignam - writer & director)

Never flubs a line. Goes to where the action is. Prepares...prepares...becomes. Will throw a punch at a photographer or anyone who provokes him. Is a stand-up guy. A man's man. A trusted friend. An actor's actor. A wonderful poet, screenwriter, director. Father of Dylan and Hopper Jack. Even sober, the one to party with. Enjoy the differences in each of his performances. Dark energy exploding like a sun. Shows up everyone with his brilliance. Lives in a moment-to-moment reality. Uses all his senses in his work. Makes the accident work for him.  
Sean Penn--He is an amazing actor, man, friend.  
(Quote: Dennis Hopper ©


That's the guy who I see as my brother. And I wish everybody could see that playful, joyful, fun-loving - and truly genius - character. The real Sean, you know?
(Woody Harrelson)


I think, everything else that has gone before, as great as it may be .... it's just prologue.
For all the work Sean has done - I think the greatest work is still ahead of him.
(R. D. Call - actor)



(Alle Zitate - außer George Clooney und Dennis Hopper - stammen aus dem Buch 'Sean Penn - his life and times' 
von Richard T. Kelly)